Superyachts are designed by the most ambitious engineers who cater for the most demanding clientele – resulting in an industry that is perpetually evolving and leading the way for innovation. When you have more money than you can spend you should buy one of these 10 enormous, ultra luxury, FUTURISTIC super Yachts.

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➢10. Jazz Yacht
From the mind of Zaha Hadid, this 295-foot seafaring spectacle is inspired by underwater ecosystems. It flaunts a terrifically alien-esque exoskeleton wildly contemporary spaceship-like features. – – – – – –

➢9. Glass Yacht
Designed by American architect and yacht designer Lujac Desautel, this sleek, smooth and streamlined super-yacht is inspired by skyscrapers and lego bricks. –

➢8. Adastra Yacht
English based yacht designers from John Shuttleworth yacht designs came up with this stunning spaceship conception. It was created for real and launched in 2012 in China making it one of the coolest yachts out there today. – –

➢7. Trilobis 65
This four-story rig concept is half boat, half submarine and is developed by Giancarlo Zema Design Group. It comes complete with the amenities you’d expect in an over-the-top luxury boat, plus a windowed section that is submerged 3 meters below sea level. – – –

➢6. Mars Yacht
Some of the examples in this video may be reserved for the distant future, but its likely that this one will be docked in a harbour much sooner. Project mars is a 295 foot beauty that has a much more conventional look to it.

➢5. KRAKEN Yacht
The Kraken is truly a monster of the seas, intimidating regardless of whether you are a pirate or not. It was designed by gray design who took inspiration from the Vapour GT to create this matching vehicle for the sea. It is laid out as a catamaran and has four decks including accommodation in each hull. (all pics used from )

➢4. Lobanov STAR
Again bucking the traditional and fairly uniform general superyacht design, this concept pierces the sky with a canopy-like shell. Designed by Lobanov, it would house a whopping 27,000-square feet of interior space across its eight-tiered floors. (all pics used from )

➢3. The Streets Of Monaco
Soon it may be possible to bring Monte Carlo to you if this sprawling conceptual floating city gets off the ground… and into the water. The streets of Monaco design is essentially a buoyant scale replica of some of Monaco’s most famed attractions. (pics used from –

➢2. X R-evolution
This yacht comprises of several carbon fibre islands that can be ejected from the vessel to serve as floating gardens, sundecks, private accommodation or otherwise, in a realm of endless possibility. (pics used from )

➢1. Project Utopia
As the name suggests, this is the floating utopia of the future and certainly isn’t constrained by familiariy. Less yacht and more micronation, it’s an 11-story, 325-foot behemoth that comes complete with a 360-degree observation deck up top and enough room down below to accommodate everything from mega-pools to restaurants and a freaking casino. (pics used from – –

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