Can she become the best most beautiful yacht design ever, or should we say gigayacht design ever?
We continue with our Future yacht series, with gigayacht Double Century a 0 million beauty

Recently the concept of the huge yacht under the name “Double Century” was presented by the designer Christopher Seymour. The vessel is really worth to be called mega-yacht even due to its 200-meters size. The implementation of the daring designer’s project is given to the 4Yacht company from Fort-Lauderdale. The company is also took the responsibility of buyer search.

Mega-yacht consists from nine working decks and the tallest is located on the height of 27 meters under water level. There are two helicopter landings and hangar for air transportation. You can transfer between the decks with a help of eight elevators.

Capacity of the Double Century yacht is estimated at 50people. The luxurious cabin of the owner will be located on the deck number 7. This level will also be the place of the movie theatre, classroom and office. There are plans to equip studio-theatre with a capacity of 126 visitors on the deck number four. Lower deck will be the location of the night club and bar. It is considered that the yacht will be maintained by 100 people.

Questions about accommodation and entertainment of guests are already solved, but it is not clear how the motor part of the yacht will look like. It is possible that the main driven power of the yacht will be gas turbine combined with two diesel motors and rotary columns.

4Yacht Inc. company which is managing the project, have said the preliminary yacht cost – 699 million euros. It will take about 4 years to build the vessel.
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