Episode 18.

Super yachts, Seasickness & night sailing.

This week on Susan Ann II we start our journey down to the Canary Islands in order to be there in time for the start of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. First stop of course has to be Monaco and, purely coincidentally, it happens to be Super Yacht Week. So, while I nip off to do a course in Marseilles, France, Hayley gets offered a job for the week and earns our first and only income for over 7 months now! Not that drinking Champagne on a 100m yacht sounds like hard work to me!

We collected a friend of mine, Barney who came along to help us do a few night watches and get the boat down to Ibiza in one sail. Luckily, the winds were really blowing, we made such good time that we could stop over in Majorca to have dinner with another friend of ours, Simon.

Unfortunately, with strong winds and swell right on our beam, all three off us were not feeling our best, considering Barney and I have worked at sea for over 50 years between us, it must have been bad. This may be one of those occasions when a catamaran isn’t the most enjoyable sail? Seasickness does wear off after a while once the body gets used to the strange motion but we were all glad to see land after 3 days.

Please tune in for our next episode where we sail the next leg from Ibiza to Gibraltar to depart the Mediterranean.

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